Friday, December 21, 2007

I Guess Einstein Was Right!

Yesterday was one of the most surreal days of my life. It was filled with a bunch of potentially stressful things that weren't necessarily stressful, but that really isn't the point here. My point is somewhere in the middle of the day when I was trying to take a nap, and the time/space continuum must have bent or folded or compressed in around me for a while and offered me a little extra (and needed) sleep.

So I had just gotten done with a final. It was one of those really EARLY finals starting at seven a.m., which, in my opinion, make absolutely NO sense whatsoever! Anyways, I came home, goofed for a while, and decided I had about an hour or so to take a nap before the rest of the day's activities. I laid down at about 11:40 planning to wake up at 1:00.

After sleeping a little while, I woke up naturally and looked at the clock. It read 12:35. Perfect! I still had a good 25 minutes to sleep, so I immediately dozed off again. Shortly thereafter, I woke up again, and the clock read 11:55! WHAT? In my delirious, half-conscious mind, I simply thought, once again, "PERFECT!" and realized how beautiful of a nap I was having. I was a little bit weirded out though. I gently dozed back to sleep again.

Not long after, I woke up a third time and the clock said 12:25! What was HAPPENING?!?! I decided to make use of this twist of fate and time that the universe had disposed upon me, and went back to sleep.

When my clock finally went off, I rolled out of bed and laid on the floor. My phone clock read 12:56. My clock and phone definitely aren't set to be in sync, or n*sync, if you will. I laid there a little longer, said a prayer, got up, put on some clothes, and then laid back down. All of this took about what I would say is four or five minutes, but when I looked at my clock again, it still read 12:56!

Maybe I was high somehow, or maybe, just maybe, light-speed theory was coming into play. According to the equation:

Time proper is relative to the integral of the derivative of relative time over gamma. Gamma is expressed as:

Equation relating speed of light, speed of object and constant, gamma

You can see in the first equation how they substitute gamma in for the rest in the final equality. Well, time proper, which was my own reference frame, was not coinciding with the relative time that the rest of reality was experiencing for some reason. What appeared to be 1 hour of sleep for the world may have, in fact, been 3 or 8 hours of sleep for me. This means, that I was moving at normal momentum while everything else was traveling at high speeds around me. In the second case, I was the one moving at intense speeds, while everything else was stationary, but causing my time to be slow.

Just a theory... a ridiculous one, yes, because finals are over, and I'm bored, but a theory nonetheless. And I'm kind of mad at myself that I've actually become a physics nerd after this semester.

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Rachel said...

All that math makes my head hurt!